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Monday, February 28, 2005

I wonder...

Hi there,
Sitting here on a Sunday night, thinking about tomorrow. Back to work again. How many of us do this routine everyday of our lives. My parents did the same thing. Their parents did the same thing. I don't know for sure, but their parents probably did the same thing too...

Where am I going? Am I supposed to be going somewhere? Is this thing we call life has a deeper meaning and all. Or we are just a random event on a disinterested planet? I wonder.

What does good deed mean? What does a bad deed mean? Is this what society decided what things are - so that it can function? Or they have a deeper relationship to who we are and what we do? I wonder.

Karma manifests itself many times over. Why then it takes me so much effort to have faith. Belief is easy. Faith, that's a different story. Is this because I am too worried about being me? I wonder.

I wonder, why and what. I wonder, how and where. I wonder, who and when.

Do you wonder too?


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